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Recycle your disused products and help to keep valuable raw materials in the cycle!

This function is still under construction. Register yourself and your street and we will inform you as soon as we can collect your broken products!

Your benefits

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Just a few clicks

You can register your products for recycling collection with just a few clicks. On collection day, we will collect them directly from your home.

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Guaranteed correct recycling

The recyclable materials of your products are guaranteed to become properly recycled and, if possible, reused.

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Collection points near to you

In our app, you can always find all the collection points in your area where you can deliver disused products for recycling.

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Information about raw materials

If you recycle your disused products through Thingsy’s service, you will receive data about the recyclable raw materials of your products in the future.

How our recycling solution works

We should come by your place soon, too?

We are currently setting up our recycling solution. We will start in the city of Zurich – and maybe even on your street. The more votes, the greater the chance that we will soon be on your street with our recycling mobile!

Register and we will inform you as soon as we are ready.

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Store products on the app and promote circular economy

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Through our digital platform, we make it easy to manage electrical appliances and offer services that extend and intensify their useful life.

We create awareness for the sustainable effect of longer product use and make people appreciate their products more.

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