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Circular Economy – Our Success Model

In our opinion, the decision for a more sustainable life shouldn’t be hard. But in the throwaway society we live in that isn’t always the case. This is where Thingsy can help you out. Our services make it easy for you to resell, share or repair your products.  In doing so you are giving your products the longest life possible and are reducing waste. Moreover, we intend to improve the quality of products in the long run. In providing vital information regarding the average lifespan, reparability and recyclability of products we assist you in making smarter purchase decisions.

What starts with the individual must continue with a bigger, systematic change. We need a shift from our current linear economy to a circular economy. In a circular economy, products and its materials are constantly being shared, repaired, recycled and reused. They literally go full circle. This helps extend the lifespan of products and resources are being used more consciously. Thingsy wants to take up a leading role in making the change to this more sustainable economy. Together with you we want to take the first step.


We are not alone in this. Our companions:


The government of Switzerland knows the value in a circular economy. That’s why the federal government supports various projects to adapt the new economic model more widely.

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Don’t buy, rent – that’s the motto of the online rental platform Sharely. They make sharing things not only easy but also profitable.


NFP 73 is a national research program that provides the economy and businesses with the necessary data to make the switch to a more sustainable circular economy.


Ifixit leaves no more room for excuses to throw away things that need fixing. Together with their community they offer an infinite catalogue of repair instructions for all your devices.


The EU Commission is convinced that going fully circular is the only way forward- not just for the environment but also for the economy.

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Donate your old Laptop or Tablet to Labdoo and help them support educational projects abroad. With your discarded electronical devices, they are giving more people access to the internet and are trying to overcome the digital divide.