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Climate change, loss of biodiversity, air pollution – in order to master these major challenges together, we need to rethink! Away from our linear economic system, towards a circular economy. Products and their materials must be shared, repaired, recycled and reused for as long as possible. In this way, the life cycle of products is extended and the cycle of resources is closed. We take responsibility and want to drive the necessary change towards a circular economy!

Our approach

With Thingsy’s services, we want to make it easier for people to decide against the throwaway society and for a more sustainable future. The app makes it easy to share, resell or repair products. In this way, we can jointly get the most out of products and reduce waste to a minimum. In the long run, the quality of products should be increased through transparent information on service life, reparability and recyclability.

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We are not alone in this. Our companions:


The government of Switzerland knows the value in a circular economy. That’s why the federal government supports various projects to adapt the new economic model more widely.

Logo Sharely

Don’t buy, rent – that’s the motto of the online rental platform Sharely. They make sharing things not only easy but also profitable.


NFP 73 is a national research program that provides the economy and businesses with the necessary data to make the switch to a more sustainable circular economy.


Ifixit leaves no more room for excuses to throw away things that need fixing. Together with their community they offer an infinite catalogue of repair instructions for all your devices.


The EU Commission is convinced that going fully circular is the only way forward- not just for the environment but also for the economy.

thingsy partner

Donate your old Laptop or Tablet to Labdoo and help them support educational projects abroad. With your discarded electronical devices, they are giving more people access to the internet and are trying to overcome the digital divide.

About Thingsy

Through our digital platform, we make it easy to manage electrical appliances and offer services that extend and intensify their useful life.

We create awareness for the sustainable effect of longer product use and make people appreciate their products more.

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