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What I’ve always wanted to know about Thingsy…

Thingsy is an App designed to help you extend the life of your things. Our services make it easier for you to repair, recycle, resell or donate products you no longer need. The app also serves as a digital product manager, so that all relevant information including warranty certificates are only a click away.

Absolutely! Thingsy is free for all it’s users.

Search for “Thingsy” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and download the App. Should you be new to the world of smartphones and apps may we suggest asking your grandchildren for help.

Try closing and reopening the app. If that doesn’t work, delete the App from your phone and reinstall it. Is Thingsy still having troubles, ask our support team for help! For this use the contact form below.

You have the possibilities to register with either your Email or your Facebook-, Google- or Apple account.

You simply take a photo of your purchase receipt and Thingsy scans all necessary information and adds the product to your wallet. Should you already have lost the receipt by the time you want to register a new product, you have the options of searching our database for your product or add the product information manually.

In your Thingsy wallet there’s space for all sorts of products. From the backscratcher you got for Christmas to the earphones that always break down after a few months of using them. Since we just got started with registering products, you’ll find mostly electronical devices in our database. But don’t worry if your product hasn’t already been registered yet. You can just take a photo of the receipt and Thingsy will scan all the necessary product information and add it to your wallet.

Short answer? Lots of benefits! Long answer: You no longer have to keep your purchase receipts and warranty certificates in a folder or on a pile in the back of your desk drawer. You have all information you need regarding your products neatly in one place, your Thingsy app. This makes life easier and you can access all our other product services with one click.

Yes, according to the Swiss law purchase receipts and warranty certificates don’t need to come in a physical form. So you can without worries get rid of all the paper slips and just keep the digital form of your receipt in your Thingsy app. Looking for more information on the subject? Here’s a link with more detailed information:

Read here

Thingsy connects you with the people who can help you in such a situation, whether your warranty has already expired or not. To avoid complicated phone calls of you trying to explain your situation, we’ll fix you up with a ready to send PDF document, including your registered digital receipt, a photo and a description of your defect item. We are working hard to provide you with further services which will make repairing even easier.

Sine we are still testing this service, we are at the moment only able to pick up your electronical devices. We hope, that you can soon trust us with all your junk.

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The biggest co2 emissions come from the productions of products. It is therefore important to use products as long as possible. By making it easier for you to repair, resell and donate your products, Thingsy helps keeping the co2 emissions per product to a minimum and reduces the demand for the production of new products. By taking care of the adequate recycling of products, we make sure resources are being reused as much as possible.

We have big ideas and a lot of projects in the pipeline. We are keeping you updated on our social media channels!

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