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Thingsy App shows a product and possible functions


Illustration Filing Receipts

Store warranty documents digitally

Put an end to paper chaos! In Thingsy, you can store all warranty documents digitally and always have an overview of how long the warranty will last.

Illustration repair platform

Easy Repair

Find the right repair service for all your electrical and electronic products through our digital repair platform. All about the repair solution.

Illustration Product insurance

Insure your products

With just a few clicks, you can insure stored products through Thingsy and protect yourself in case of sudden damage, theft or water damage.

Illustration Recycling

Convenient recycling service

In Thingsy, you can find the nearest recycling point for your electrical appliances. Soon, we’d like to offer you a convenient collection service for your disused appliances. Learn more about our recycling service.

Illustration_ soon available

Coming Soon

We are already working on further functions for your products.

Your benefits

Icon Advantages

Never search for your receipts again

With the app, you capture and store all your receipts so they’re just a click away.

Icon Advantages

All services in one place

Repair, insure or resell – Thingsy connects all services around your products in one app.

Icon Advantages

Keep track of all your products

With Thingsy you are always informed about the number of your products, their warranty period and their status.

Icon Advantages

Sustainable use of your products

By extending the lifetime of your products, valuable raw materials and CO2 are saved.

How it works

Our partners

Extend the life of your things!

Get the app and easily manage your products, keep track of your warranties and book different services to extend the life of your products!

Link zum Google Play Store
Link zum Webbrowser
Store products on the app and promote circular economy

About Thingsy

Through our digital platform, we make it easy to manage electrical appliances and offer services that extend and intensify their useful life.

We create awareness for the sustainable effect of longer product use and make people appreciate their products more.

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