What we want to be together.

Our lives have become crowded with things. Many of which we don’t even really use or just don’t fulfil their purpose anymore. The yoghurt maker you bought before you discovered you were lactose intolerant. The lava lamp you intended to return but just can’t find the receipt anymore. The selfie stick you don’t know how to dispose of properly, and frankly are a little too embarrassed to ask anyone about. The leaf blower you got for Christmas from your now ex-girlfriend that has just too many memories attached to it.

Trust us, we’ve all been there. The founders of Thingsy know those kinds of situations all too well (ok, maybe not the one with the leaf blower). At the same time, they became aware of the grave effects overconsumption and fast-moving consumer goods have on our environment. With Thingsy they want to offer a solution to what might seem like mundane problems, but which can have an immense impact on our planet.

Thingsy wants create awareness around the issues of our throwaway society and provide services which help you extend the lifecycle of your products and thereby reduce their strain on the environment. Today Thingsy is just a small app with a big vision for an eco-friendlier, more sustainable future. But with your help (and maybe your mum’s, your neighbor’s and your pizza delivery guy’s) we are already one step closer.

Our Story

At some point in their friendship, Philipp just couldn’t stand Ralph complaining about some lost receipt anymore. He decided something had to change. So, they came up with Thingsy. What was intended to be a digital receipts-manager soon developed into what Thingsy is today. An all-round service app designed to extend the lifespan of your electronical devices. But that’s not all. With Thingsy Philipp and Ralph pursue the much bigger goal of facilitating the shift from a linear to a circular economy. In doing so they want to reduce co2- emissions, stop the overuse of resources and free the planet of overloaded landfills. But they won’t make that change alone – that’s why they need you.

Thingsy - Unsere Geschichte

The Team behind Thingsy

thingsy Co Founder Philipp Glauser



Philipp loves himself a good smoothie. He usually makes them at his home in Zurich with his dearly beloved smoothie maker that has a very special place on his kitchen counter and in his heart. On a fateful day the machine started making unheard of noises and soon after it started fuming. But Philip simply refused to get rid of his smoothie maker.




Ralph has spent large portions of his adult life searching for warranty certificates and all sorts of receipts. Today his family is more than happy that he no longer turns the house upside down in his desperate search for some misplaced slip of paper.




Lotta is one of those people who don’t just talk about it, but actually make their dream come true. She moved to Bali two years ago and has since worked as a UX designer. When she spends free days surfing the booth and sees what the sea has washed up with, she experiences the waste problem of the world up close. When thingsy called for help from a distance, she immediately got to work.




It was on the Cala Sa Nau beach in Mallorca that Ralph first told Sina about Thingsy. With her feet in the sand the sound of the waves in her ears she decided that’s a work environment she could get used to. Ever since she has supported Thingsy with her pen and the social media skill that come with being a member of the Gen Z.


Do you too feel like you have waited for an App like Thingsy all your life and want to help us fulfilling our vision? Then give us a call or send us an Email! We are always on the lookout for new creative and hardworking people.