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Extend the life
of your things

Thingsy is all about your products. We help you manage your products and extend their lifecycle in the future.

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Thingsy helps you organise your Receipts

We don’t like searching for purchase receipts any more than you do. That’s why we invented Thingsy. The App serves you as a digital receipt’s manager, where you can collect and store all product information and warranty certificates you need. So you no longer need to hold on to the physical copy of your receipt.

Thingsy makes Recycling easy

With the adequate recycling of your electronic devices you are taking a big step into a more sustainable future. All you need to do is sign up your disposed products and we’ll pick it up at your doorstep.

Become part of our movement

Creating a more sustainable future requires each and every one of us! By extending the life of our products and their materials, we are already one step closer to this goal.

Our Partner

Extend the life of your products!

Get the app and easily manage your products, keep track of your warranties and book different services to extend the life of your products!

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Store products on the app and promote circular economy

About Thingsy

Through our digital platform, we make it easy to manage electrical appliances and offer services that extend and intensify their useful life.

We create awareness for the sustainable effect of longer product use and make people appreciate their products more.

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